The Washington State PTA vision is “making every child’s potential a reality”. Our mission is to be a powerful voice for all children and to provide a relevant resource for families. We want to be a strong advocate for the well-being and education of every child. See examples of LWHS PTSA involvement in past advocacy efforts here.

Coffee with Christine

LWHS PTSA Sponsors a monthly one-hour get together with LWHS Principal Christine Bell and LWHS parents and community members for an open Q&A discussion. Watch for these to appear on the calendar and subscribe to the Kang Crier to learn more about what to expect each month.

College Application Workshop

Trained volunteers help students with their college application essays, personal statements, and supplements. Please check the Kang Crier for further details, or to volunteer contact or

Emergency Prep

PTSA funds emergency prep supplies, such as food, water, and emergency equipment in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. Contact if you’d like to volunteer or learn more.

Family and Community Engagement

Our Family and Community Engagement (FACE) committee works to welcome all new families to the LWHS community, including those from elsewhere in the U.S. and from foreign nations. This committee helps to inform families of resources and activities that they and their students can tap into. Contact if you’d like to volunteer or learn more.

Fundraising / "Pass the Pouch"

Pass The Pouch is the only fundraiser for LWHS PTSA and each year we depend on this fundraiser for our entire operating budget. The LWHS PTSA is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax-deductible as provided by law.

The LWHS PTSA has invested more than $20,000 each year in our students, teachers/staff, and community. Your donations support:

  • Students: over $15,000 in grants for classroom and club activities, enrichment programs, recognition, scholarship assistance and supplies
  • Teachers/staff: $6,000 in classroom grants and staff appreciation events
  • Parents & community -- $4,000 in Emergency Prep supplies, newsletters, community events and meetings

PTSA is a flexible and adaptable resource to support teachers, students, and our community in responding to changing needs and creative approaches to our new learning environments. Click here to make your tax deductible contributions.


The LWHS PTSA provides various grant opportunities to Teachers, Staff, and ASB Clubs. The program provides funds to support programs, equipment, or other activities that will help enrich the educational experience at LWHS. Over the course of the year, we strive to grant money to support different departments and different types of students. Visit the Grants page to learn more.

Health Room Supplies

The LWHS PTSA assists with the purchase of supplies for the health room (i.e., snacks, bottled water, and juice). A volunteer makes these purchases using PTSA funds and drops them off at the school's main office as needed throughout the year. Contact if you’d like to volunteer or learn more.

Kang Crier Newsletter

Kang Crier is a bi-weekly newsletter that keeps families informed of the happenings at LWHS. The Kang Crier is emailed directly to every parent/guardian. Visit the Kang Crier page and contact if you have any questions.


Join the LWHS PTSA!  The strength of PTSA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders and community members who believe in making a difference in the lives of children. Members are the foundation and provide voice, passion, leadership, and hard work needed to fulfill PTSA’s mission. Our membership goal is to provide resources and support to our school community.

We always strive for 100% membership! Please Join PTSA to support our students and school community.

Nominating Committee

The LWHS PTSA Board is made up of volunteers who have been elected by the PTSA's General Members. Each year the LWHS PTSA President establishes a Nominating Committee of impartial members who canvas the community for prospective Board and Committee members to be considered for nomination and election for the upcoming school year. The committee is usually established by December and presents nominations in March for an April/May election. If you're interested in joining the nominating committee, email


Share your talents with the LWHS PTSA! Volunteering is a great way to showcase your talents and get to know your school community. We have lots of flexible options available for a wide range of schedules and would love to see every family member volunteer for at least one activity per year. Sign up on the Volunteer page, or contact if you’d like to learn more.


Reflections is a National PTA arts in education program. The program was started in 1969 and is the largest arts program of its kind in the United States. Students have the opportunity to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works created around a theme that changes each year. The theme for the 2023-2024 year is I Am Hopeful Because … . Visit the Lake Washington Council Reflections page and contact if you’d like to learn more.

SAT/ACT Practice Tests

LWHS PTSA partners with Princeton Review to give students the opportunity to take both the ACT and SAT Practice tests at no cost. These practice tests are administered online by Princeton Review and scores do not go on student records.

Princeton Review also offers a free strategy session for students where they can learn ways to improve their performance in the actual tests.

ACT and SAT Practice Tests will be available during April & May, with a registration deadline mid-to-late April.

Procedure for online tests:

  1. Register here using the student’s personal email account:  (The email used for registration will be associated with their Princeton Review Account.)
  2. A few days prior to the test date, students and parents will receive instructions from Princeton Review.
  3. On the day of the test, students will be able to access the test through the Princeton Review portal. The test score will be available within minutes of completing the test.
  4. For the strategy session (following the test), students will receive an email with a link to the live session.

Note: If your student has taken an earlier practice test, they can take it again. However, please note that the set of questions will be the same.

Questions? Email or

School Beautification

The LWHS PTSA School Beautification team helps to beautify and maintain different garden beds around the school in order to create a more pleasing environment in which our students and staff will spend their school days. 

Senior Farewell (Baccalaureate)

Senior Farewell is a celebration of our graduating seniors and their families. Sponsored by LWHS PTSA, Senior Farewell is free of charge. Visit the Seniors page for more information.

Senior Party

Senior Party is a safe and fun way for seniors to celebrate their graduation. This event takes place the night of graduation. Tickets are on sale throughout the year. Visit the Senior Party Information page for more details.

Special Needs Liaison (IEP/504)

The Special Needs Liaison helps the school by advocating for meaningful inclusion in school events, educating the student body and staff about special needs, and communicating with caregivers about monthly district-wide Special Needs Group meetings and other community events. Contact if you’d like to volunteer or learn more.

Staff Appreciation

The LWHS PTSA rallies the community in various ways to show appreciation for LWHS Staff. Activities often benefit from family donations and volunteers to prepare and set up food and baked goods. Contact if you’d like to volunteer or learn more.

Student Directory

Accessible to PTSA members. Every student is included in the directory unless they have submitted the "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information" form in the first day packet. The student directory will be available in the left nav menu when it becomes available, usually late in the Fall when district lists are made available. 


The LWPTSA Sustainability Committee focuses on a range of issues, including food recovery, waste reduction, composting, green cleaning, no-idle zones, herbicide-free schools, and engaging and supporting students in their efforts to combat climate change and create a livable planet. Visit the Sustainability page for more details.


Content on this website is managed by our LWHS PTSA Webmaster, which is a volunteer position. If you have questions about the website, contact