Advocacy is supporting and speaking up for children—in schools, in communities, and before government bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.

LWHS PTSA members can work with policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels to support policies that promote the interests of all children. Here are a few ways parents and guardians can get involved:

After collecting nominations from parents, students and staff, the PTSA gives out two awards each June: the Golden Acorn award is awarded to a volunteer who goes above and beyond in serving the LWHS students and community; the Outstanding Educator award is given to a LWHS staff member who exemplifies commitment and excellence in education. 
Calm Cafe
Is your student needing a quiet place during lunchtime? Have them visit The Calm Cafe. The Commons, stairs and even the hallway floors are used for places to eat lunch. Give your student 30 minutes to quietly catch up with friends, eat lunch, and even take advantage of a few calming table activities that are provided. The Calm Cafe is the best-kept secret among those already taking advantage of this lunchtime option. LWHS approved volunteers are needed each week to make the Calm Cafe possible. Click on our "Volunteer" link in the side bar to sign up. Thank you for making this "Calm" space for our students possible!
Coffee with Christine
Join us for a cup of coffee and an opportunity to ask our new Principal, Christine Bell, your questions! It's a great way to find out what's going on at school and you'll be amazed by all of the good information you will learn. Meet other parents and see what LWHS looks like during the school day. Check the Kang Crier for dates and more information. In May we hold a coffee oriented towards incoming parents, but current LW parents are encouraged to attend and help orient new parents.
College Application Workshop
Trained volunteers meet one-on-one with students to provide application essay and personal statement support.
Volunteers: Mandatory training with a once-per-week commitment for October and November.
Please check the website or the Kang Crier for further details.
  Judy Shedd
Emergency Prep
PTSA funds emergency prep supplies, such as food, water and emergency equipment in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. "Lockdown buckets" were added to classrooms in 2013-2014 with emergency supplies and a makeshift toilet, in the event of a longer lockdown.
  Jen Malick and Matthew Wetmore
Family and Community Engagement
Well-informed, engaged parents make a difference for student success in school and beyond. Research shows that family engagement in a child’s education increases student achievement, improves attendance and reduces dropout rates.
  Colleen Rutherford
Provides refreshments for PTSA sponsored events, specifically PTSA general membership meetings and Coffees with the Principal.
Kang Crier Newsletter
This bi-weekly newsletter keeps families up to date on what's going at LWHS. Emailed directly to every parent/guardian. Email your questions about the Kang Crier to

To sign up or read archived newsletters, click here.
  Danelle Mathews
Lake Washington Schools Foundation Ambassador
The LWSF Ambassador is the link between the Foundation and the Ambassador’s school community. LWSF raises funds to support academic excellence and success for all students in the Lake Washington School District. This role is about 1-2 hours/month on average. If you are interested in this role, please contact the LWHS PTSA President
LWHS Parent Pledge

In conjunction with The National PTA Alcohol and Drug Free Resolution and the Washington State PTA, LWHS PTSA offers the Parent Pledge Program to:

- Build a communication network to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs among teens in our school and community.
- Host only alcohol-free, tobacco-free and drug-free parties for teens.
- Not allow teens to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco or other drugs at their homes; and
- Discourage their teens from attending unsupervised parties.

Sign the Pledge

More info

This committee handles the PTSA membership drive at the beginning of the year. We are striving for 100% membership! Use the Join PTSA & Donate link in the sidebar to support our students.
New Family and International Outreach
Work to welcome all new families to the LWHS community, including those from elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Promote that inviting Kang spirit and encourage folks less familiar with the U.S. school system to jump on in as they wish.
Nominating Committee
Recruit and vet candidates and submit slate for next year's Executive Committee. November - February time frame; training is available.
  LWHS PTSA President
Open Positions with LWHS PTSA
Open positions with LWHS PTSA

Contact us at if you are interested or have any questions about any of these.


With collaboration from the board, define programs, recruit and manage chairs/volunteers for each program. Recommend to the board and membership the yearly program budgets/Meet yearly budgets allocated/Update Plan of Actions and complete end of year program Evaluation.   Serve as a liaison between Committee Chairs/Board and provide support. Attend all PTSA Board/General meetings and report at each. Attend PTA Council meetings and training sessions as needed.  Committees under VP‐School Support include Hospitality, Emergency Prep, Staff Appreciation, School Beautification, Calm Café, Sustainability.

COMMUNICATIONS (appointed board member)

Manage the communication strategies of the LWHS PTSA including Kang Crier e‐newsletter, Kang Cards, Website, Facebook.  Recruit and help train committee chairs.  Assure information is updated and complete and work with school administration to help ensure accuracy of content and coordination on communication strategies for school events.  Work with membership chair to publish the student directory annually on the PTSA Website.  Committees under VP‐Communication include Newsletter editor, Website, Directory, Parent Pledge, social media.

ADVOCACY (appointed board member)

The Washington State PTA conducts a continuous Legislative Advocacy program that includes training and education for members and parents on issues in support of the organizations’ mission and vision. The WSPTA sets a Legislative Platform each year which supports the delivery of this mission.  Parents and members are strongly encouraged to use their voices to speak for the youth of Washington State.  The Advocacy Chair will work to inform members about legislative issues; help members determine our statewide platform; and help members speak up when it matters most. Activities can include organizing local PTSA activities in support district and statewide initiatives and attending WSPTA Legislative Assembly and Focus Day.  The Advocacy chair should be nonpartisan and work closely with the LWPTSA Board on focus and efforts.


Communicate information to the school community regarding special needs students including information on the monthly LWPTSA Special Needs Group meetings at the LWSD Resource Center.   This may also include special community events, special interest speakers, workshops and any other pertinent information dealing with any topic concerning special needs students.  Assist parents when contacted in connecting them to the correct sources to help navigate the system for their students.  Other activities could include hosting a disability fair or awareness event.

Click here to see a description of all LWHS PTSA Board and Committee Roles
Pass the Pouch

Pass the Pouch is the only fundraiser LWHS PTSA holds. Each year we depend on this fundraiser for our entire operating budget. Your donation helps support essential programs and provides teacher grants to enrich our students' education.
- Enrichment grants, need-based Grants, ASB Club Grants, and Scholarships
- Funds for vital emergency preparedness supplies
- Senior Party and Senior Farewell - to celebrate our graduates
- Staff Appreciation
- Financial support for student supplies, Reflections, community events and more!

To donate via PayPal, visit our Pass The Pouch online page within this website. Or if you prefer to send a check, you can find the Pass the Pouch (paper form) here.

Thank you!

  Janet Smith
Reflections is an opportunity for students to showcase their creative expression and/or gain creative experience in the field of arts. The 2022-2023 theme is "Show Your Voice!". All grades and abilities are encouraged to participate. Submissions are due in early November. See Reflections article on home page for entry requirements.
  Rachel Pai
Staff Appreciation
To thank our hardworking teachers and staff, the PTSA puts on special events such as luncheons, treats in staff mailboxes, etc.
  Bea Joe
Sustainability Chair
The primary role of the Sustainability chair is to work with the LWHS PTSA Board, Green Team and school administration on developing and implementing policies, practices and projects that promote sustainable systems and thinking among students, staff and families; reduce the school’s and PTSA’s environmental impact; and improve overall sustainability within the school environment and community. The chair, along with student and parent volunteers, will work on a range of issues, including waste reduction, in particular composting and recycling in the lunchroom and staff rooms; no-idle zones awareness; and water use reduction.
Student Programs
SAT/ACT Practice Tests

LWHS PTSA is partnering with Princeton Review to give students the opportunity to take SAT and ACT tests just “for practice” at no cost.

These practice tests are administered ONLINE by Princeton review. They are real SAT/ACT tests from previous years that enable students to practice and determine their baseline scores prior to taking the actual test. Students can take these practice tests any number of times and the scores from these do not go on their record.

Princeton Review also offers a free strategy session for students where they can learn ways to improve their performance in the actual tests.

Students take the tests online – at a date/time that is convenient within the time window below:

The online practice tests will occur: 

ACT Practice: Online window January 5 - 13– (Registration deadline January 3rd)

SAT Practice: Online window January 21-29– (Registration deadline January 15th)

Note: If your student has taken an earlier practice test, they can take it again. However, please note that the set of questions will be the same.

Procedure for online tests:

  1. Students register for the test online at
  2. The email used for registration will be associated with their Princeton Review Account. (Note that students should not use their LWSD email alias – but instead use a personal email alias).
  3. A few days prior to the test date, students and parents will receive instructions from Princeton Review.
  4. On the day of the test, students will be able to access the test through the Princeton Review portal. Score will be available within minutes of completing the test.
  5. For the strategy session (following the test), students will receive an email with a link to the live session.
  6. Don’t miss this opportunity. Take the test for free! Click here to register.

Questions? Email or

  Janet Smith
Senior Farewell (Baccalaureate)
Senior Farewell is a celebration of our graduating seniors and their families. Sponsored by LWHS PTSA, Senior Farewell is free of charge.
  Colleen Rutherford
Senior Party
Senior Party is a safe and fun way for seniors to celebrate their graduation. This event takes place the night of graduation. Tickets are on sale throughout the year. Visit the Senior Party Information page for more details. 
  Jennifer Grimes & Joanie Thomas
Student Directory
Accessible to PTSA members. Every student is included in the directory unless they have submitted the "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information" form in the first day packet.
  Danelle Mathews
Teacher & Club Grants
$200 Classroom/Teacher Grants
  Christine Woskett
Updates to website articles, products, programs, images, and links.
  Andrea Knott