ACT/SAT Practice Tests

LWHS PTSA is partnering with Princeton Review to give students the opportunity to take both the ACT and SAT tests just “for practice” at no cost.  Students will automatically be registered for both practice tests.

These practice tests are administered ONLINE by Princeton review. They are real ACT and SAT tests from previous years that enable students to practice and determine their baseline scores prior to taking the actual test. Students can take these practice tests any number of times and the scores from these do not go on their record.

Princeton Review also offers a free strategy session for students where they can learn ways to improve their performance in the actual tests.

Students take the tests online – at a date/time that is convenient within the time window below:

ACT and SAT Practice Test: Online window April 25th - May 7th – (Registration deadline April 21st)

Note: If your student has taken an earlier practice test, they can take it again. However, please note that the set of questions will be the same.

Procedure for online tests:

  1. Don’t miss this opportunity. Take the test for free! Register here: 
  2. The email used for registration will be associated with their Princeton Review Account. (Note that students should not use their LWHS school email alias – but instead use a personal email alias).
  3. A few days prior to the test date, students and parents will receive instructions from Princeton Review.
  4. On the day of the test, students will be able to access the test through the Princeton Review portal. Score will be available within minutes of completing the test.
  5. For the strategy session (following the test), students will receive an email with a link to the live session.

Questions? Email or

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