May 21
Deadline for Award Nominations
Deadline for Award Nominations

Thursday, May 25

LEAP Day (no school)
LEAP Day (no school)

Friday, May 26

Jun 1
Memorial Day Holiday (no school)
Memorial Day Holiday (no school)

Monday, May 29

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Important! Buy Tickets for the LWHS Class of 2023 Senior Party
Send your senior to a safe and fun-filled post-graduation all-night party! The LWHS PTSA provides transportation to two venues, entertainment, food and a memorable end-of-the year experience.   Parent Perspective: Is your senior uncertain about Senior Party? Graduates want to celebrate with their friends and that is the point of Senior Party. Connect with your parent network to encourage ticket buying. If "all their friends are going", that's where your student will want to be. Plus, we all know how wobbly teen plans can be; buying a ticket for Senior Party takes the stress out for everyone! How to sign up: ... read full article

LWHS Green Team is paving the way to reduce waste
Composting, recycling, and food donation efforts are going strong at LWHS! Since implementing sustainability changes for Earth Week, 252 pieces of whole fruit, 38 boxes of raisins, 18 juices, and 99 cartons of milk have been donated xto New Bethlehem Programs, Kirkland’s only family shelter, located across the street from LW. Food waste is now being composted and plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles are being recycled. There is still significant plastic waste in the form of clamshells, silverware, cups, and wrapping. Students are now shifting their focus to reduce that waste at its source. On May 25, eight members of ... read full article

Congratulations 2023-24 LWHS PTSA Board
Congratulations to the newly elected LWHS PTSA Board officers for the 2023-2024 school year! President: Colleen Rutherford Executive VP: Judy Chiu Secretary: Sue Dietz VP, Ways & Means: Ioana Hall Some Board and Committee roles have yet to be filled, so please reach out if you're interested in jumping into a leadership role to support this wonderful school community! You'll be given training and support from the Board and have access to a wide range of free training from the State and District PTSA organizations.  Open Board Positions: Treasurer | VP, Student Programs | VP, School Support | VP, Family ... read full article

Where Do My PTSA Contributions Go?
Where Do My PTSA Contributions Go? This series of articles explains what the LWHS PTSA does and where contributions to the PTSA go. The PTSA funds student programs, events, and grants to teachers for professional training and classroom supplies–all to benefit the educational experience. These programs are funded by parent contributions. Due to a decline in contributions this year, programs like these are at risk for future funding.  Feb 21 installment: Spanish classroom materials and library books As our school continues to grow, classes are being added to meet the needs and interests of the students. An example of this ... read full article

PTSA, ASB, AP, What does it all mean?

Do you sometimes feel like you're in a bowl of alphabet soup as you're reading through school newsletters and websites? You're not alone! That's why we've created a handy Glossary of Terms that you can bookmark and reference the next time you encounter an acronym that you aren't familiar with.

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