Board Members 2020-2021

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President Denise Campbell
Secretary Cheryl Geels
Treasurer Julie Tribolet
Executive Vice President Denise Ferguson
VP School Support Meredith Schwietzer
VP Student Programs Stacy Mehlberg
VP Ways and Means Mindy Lincicome
VP FACE Hae Sue Park



Committee Chairs 2020-2021

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Advocacy* Kristina Yu-Isenberg
Calm Cafe Jeannine Dougherty
College Application Workshop Judy Shedd
Directory Danelle Mathews
Emergency Prep Jen Malick
Hospitality Linda Cheyne & Anne Allan
Life Prep Workshops Denise Campbell & Jonathan Heuer
Membership* Brandi Comstock
Newsletter - Kang Crier Danelle Mathews
Nominating Committee Beatrice Joe, Mindy Lincicome, Alana Smith
Parent Ed Coordinator OPEN
Reflections Pam Hay
SAT/ACT Practice Tests Kavita Joshi
School Beautification OPEN
Senior Party* Debi Blaskovich
Senior Salute Jennifer Wilson
Social Media Colette Ulloa and Meredith Schwietzer
Special Ed Inclusion & Awareness Chair
Gwen Harbi
Staff Appreciation Linda Cheyne and Anne Allan
Student Directory Danelle Mathews
Student Recognition OPEN
Sustainability Chair Pam Hay
Teacher and Club Grants Christine Woskett
Volunteer Coordinator  Hae Sue Park
Webmaster Johnmichael Monteith

 *Member of Board of Directors