We all are dependent on our technology now for so much of our daily lives. But, when is our use of tech helpful and when is it becoming a problem. Our PTSA, in coordination with LWHS, is launching a campaign to help all of us find balance in a digital world and learn strategies to keep us on track.

What: In coordination with National Day of Unplugging, Eyes UP, LW! is our local awareness campaign that promotes increased knowledge around digital wellbeing and a challenge to reduce our technology or social media consumption culminating with a 24 hour respite. Observed the first weekend in March, this movement is intended to inspire healthy life/tech balance.

Mission: Increase awareness of technology use and resulting emotional wellbeing and create a movement of collective presence to illuminate our relationship with technology and pledge to elevate personal connections and whatever lights up your life!


  • Weekly Tech Tip Tuesday messages and Wednesday Digital Wellness call to action. Follow us on Insta @lwhsptsa and Facebook and find our weekly tips on this page.
  • Pledge to try some of the highlighted tips/ideas and encourage your students to participate too!
  • Mark your calendar for Friday/Saturday March 5th- 6th (sun down to sun down) to take part in the 24 hour respite (or at least reduce your use!)
  • Join our Chapter Club of book Parenting in the Screen Age to discuss ways to help us navigate screen time challenges with our teens. Sign Up Here