Board Members 2018-2019


PositionNameEmail Click on Name
President Tere Kaulfus  
Secretary Christy Hentges  
Treasurer Denise Mosby  
VP Communications Denise Campbell & Colette Ulloa  
VP School Support Anne Buck  
VP Student Programs Brandi Comstock  
VP Ways and Means Karen Tipp & Dan Olson  



Committee Chairs 2018-2019


Advocacy Open  
Awards Irene & Colette  awards@lwhsptsa,org
College Application Workshop Judy Shedd  
Emergency Prep Karee Oliver  
Family & Community Engagement Irene Neumann  
Fear Free ACT/SAT Testing Martha Rames  
Hospitality Linda Cheyne & Anne Allan  
Membership Agustina Reisman  
Newsletter Danelle Mathews  
Parent Ed Coordinator Shub Kanetkar  
Reflections Pam Hay  
School Beautification Tere Kaulfus  
Senior Party (Class of 2019) Pam Hay & Mindy Lincicome  
Senior Salute (Class of 2019) Valerie Horvath  
Sheeley Scholarships Laura Bartoletti  
Special Needs Liaison Gwen Harbi  
Staff Appreciation Julie Tribolet & Colette Ulloa  
Student Directory Danelle Mathews  
Teacher and Club Grants Kathy Royal  
Volunteer Coordinator  Hae Sue Park  
Webmaster Colette Ulloa (open)