MARCH 5 (sundown) to March 6 (sundown)

Use the tips & tools learned during our campaign and pledge to reduce your tech use & elevate personal connections over a 24 hour respite! You will find more information and tools for how to adopt all of the pledge activities on our Eyes UP page HERE.

Take the Pledge - fill out Survey here! Choose one or more of the activities and try it for 24 hours

  • Reduce your use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit)
  • Turn off Notifications - silence the phone and you might find you reach for it less
  • Adopt a Phone-Free Bedtime - Use an alarm clock instead!
  • Control the Scroll - set timers and reduce your use of passive scrolling/viewing (Netflix, YouTube, Tik Tok, News feeds)
  • Eliminate Unneeded Apps
  • Reduce time on video games (especially passive gaming)
  • Stop or reduce the Streaks (SnapChat)

And instead, Look UP and try some of these activities:

  • Downtown Kirkland Teen Scavenger Hunt. FREE. Prizes too! Register by March 4 HERE (course #10993) and complete hunt by March 7th!
  • City of Redmond Public Art Walk. WALKING MAP
  • Take a Hike. Washington Trails Association
  • LWHS Day of Service - help out a friend, neighbor or in your community!
  • Whatever lights up your life! Baking, Exercise, Reading, Playing Music ...try something new!

We would LOVE to hear what you tried, how it went and reflections on your 24 hour respite! Fill out this survey with your stories after the event or share at #EyesUpLW.