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Kang Crier Info:  

  • The Kang Crier is the one newsletter for LWHS. It is produced by the LWHS PTSA, but much of the content comes from the administration, Counseling Office, teachers, clubs, coaches, etc. For information about submission deadlines, submission guidelines, or to sign up to receive, go to this page.

Staff/Teacher Grants

For the 2017-2018 school year the PTSA has budgeted a total of $7,000 for staff/teacher grants. Grant applications will be considered in two cycles: the "fall" application due date is November 3rd; the "spring" application due date is Feb. 9th; grant applications will also be considered on an "ad hoc" basis if timeliness requires consideration outside of these timeframes.

To apply for a staff/teacher grant, download this FORM, fill it out and put in the PTSA box in the mailroom.

  • What are the LWHS PTSA Staff/Teacher Grants? The intent of this grant program is to provide an opportunity for staff members to request funding to support programs, equipment, or other activities that will help enhance the educational experience at LWHS. Here are some examples of grants that were approved in the last 2 years. (2013-2014 Grants, 2014-215 Teacher Grants, 2014-2015 Club Grants) We try over the course of the year to grant money to support different departments and to support different types of students. Sometimes we approve partial grants.
  • Our Grant Committee chair this year is Kathy Royal.  Please contact her at with any questions!
  • More info about staff/teacher grants.

ASB/Club Grants 

  • For the 2017-2018 school year the PTSA has budgeted a total of $2,500 for ASB/Club grants
  • What are these? ASB grants are funds donated to ASB/clubs to support their activities. It might be for supplies or equipment, or to help pay for activities. See examples of grants given in the last two years. ASB/Club grants 2014-2015.
  • How do I apply for one? ASB grants can be applied for at any time, but as we have a finite amount of money, the earlier the better. It is the same form as the teacher grant form, just check off the "ASB grant" box. You do not need to get any signatures for these grants. We encourage you to involve your club students in the process.
  • More info about ASB/club grants.

$50 Teacher fund

  • What is it? It's $50 "mini-grants" that teachers can use to spend on classroom supplies. Sign up, go shopping, turn in your receipts with the reimbursement form within two weeks and get reimbursed for up to $50.
  • Why do I have to sign up? Because we only have $2,500 allocated to this new program, we only have money for 50 "mini-grants". Since there are more than 50 teachers (we apologize!), we want to make sure that only 50 people sign up for them.
  • What happens if I don't turn in my receipts by the end of first semester? You will receive a reminder email to turn them in. If you don't get them in, we will let someone else sign up to receive the $50 and you will be out of luck!
  • Signup for a $50 mini-grant here.
  • Any questions contact Karen Tipp at