$100 Classroom Grants (annual budget of $7,000)

  • One-per-teacher, these grants are first-come, first-served, but we should have enough budgeted to cover all requests
  • Intended for use on classroom supplies or professional training that will enhance the educational experience of students
  • Grants can be used by individual teachers up to $100, or combined with other teachers for a larger purchase
  • Teachers new to LWHS this school year will be granted $200.
  • These do NOT need approval of department head or principal
  • Fill out the top section ONLY of this REIMBURSEMENT FORM and put in PTSA mailbox in the main mailroom. 
  • Questions about $100 Teacher Grants? Please contact our PTSA Treasurer, Julie Tribolet, at treasurer@lwhsptsa.org.


Teacher/Staff Enrichment Grants

The intent of this grant program is to provide an opportunity for staff members to request funding to support programs, equipment, or other activities that will help enrich the educational experience at LWHS. Over the course of the year, we try to grant money to support different departments and different types of students. Sometimes we approve grants partially.

How do I apply for a grant? Fill out the GRANT APPLICATION FORM, get the appropriate signatures, turn it into the PTSA box by the deadline. We will notify you within a few weeks after the grant deadline whether you have received the grant or not.

When can I apply for a grant?  “Fall” grants for teachers/staff - Deadline is Friday, November 1st, 2019.  “Spring” grants for teachers/staff - Deadline is Friday, January 31, 2020.  “Ad hoc grants” for teachers/staff - May be applied for at any date.  There is no deadline for ASB and Club grants (see below).

Why do I need my department head's signature? The number one reason we have for rejecting a grant request is because the principal tells us there is money in the requestor's departmental budget, and not to fund the grant. Therefore, we have asked you to take the step of talking to your department head first and determining if your request can be funded that way. 

What is the decision making process? The Grant Committee reviews each application and evaluates it on a variety of criteria, including: how much money we have to give away; how much is being asked for; the variety of grant applications; how many students would be served by the grant; and how worthwhile we feel the request is. The Committee makes a recommendation to the PTSA Board about which grants to fund and at what level. The Board takes their recommendation to the PTSA Membership for a vote.


ASB Club Grants 

Similar to Teacher/Staff enrichment grants, with a few differences:

  • Club Grants can be applied for at any time. We encourage you to have students do the thinking & requesting. It can be a very valuable learning experience!
  • These grants require approval of the Activities Coordinator and Principal.
  • To apply, fill out the GRANT APPLICATION FORM, get the necessary signatures, turn it into the PTSA box in the mail room and notify our Grants Chair, Kathy Royal, at grants@lwhsptsa.org, that it is there.


Social/Emotional Grants ($2,000 Annual Budget)

New to LWHS for the 2019-20 school year, this funding is intended to provide programs or materials to support the social/emotional well-being of students. The counseling department should get principal approval before submitting grant application.


Questions about PTSA Grants?

 Contact Grants Chair Kathy Royal at grants@lwhsptsa.org.