LWHS PTSA shares in the sadness and frustration our community feels at the senseless killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others and especially the profound impact this has had on our families of color. PTA is, at its core, an advocacy organization. Now, more than ever, we are reminded that inclusion is at the heart of everything we do – “every child. one voice”. LWHS PTSA joins our Council, State, and National PTA organizations in standing with advocates to address inequities in our school system and society at large. You can read the full statement from Washington State PTA here.
From the statement:
“Home is often the best place to initiate uncomfortable but critical conversations about our respective identities and implicit biases. These can lead to discussions about how we can improve or remove the gaps in opportunities, achievement, and experiences that are the realities faced by many students and families every day.”
Our PTSA Mission of “working for the health, welfare, safety, education, care and protection of children” reminds us that as an organization focused on the well-being of ALL children, we have an opportunity to facilitate these conversations and help our families and students have healthy discussions about polarizing topics. Our PTSA is prepared to support our school community in assuring a safe and inviting environment in which all voices are valued. If you have ideas about how we can help or do better, please reach out to us at president@lwhsptsa.org .