Deadline: 11:59 pm on Fri, 1/5/18
We do not accept late submissions. No exceptions.
Plan to be early, and give yourself time to respond if something goes wrong.

Option 1: Use the LifeTouch photo
Do nothing and we will use the photo taken by our LifeTouch photographers.

Option 2: Upload by 11:59 on Fri, 1/5
School Yearbook Page With Instructions

Option 3: Drop off by 3:00 PM on Friday, 1/5
Drop off a CD or USB, clearly labeled with the senior's legal name to Mili's desk, in the main office before the deadline. Make sure the file name is the student's legalExample: Lee, Karen.jpg (It's hard to know what to do with file names like IMG20380.jpg)

Senior Portrait Photo Requirements
  • Portrait orientation (tall not wide)
  • Acceptable file types: .jpg or .tiff
  • Resolution: 300 PPI minimum (the bigger the file size the better)
    • Examples: 600 x 900, 1800 x 2400, 2400 x 3600
  • Gestures and poses must be school appropriate
  • Attire must conform to LW dress code standards
Photo submission does not guarantee inclusion, see the requirements listed above. We do not accept hard copies, low resolution, or emailed files.
Fine Arts Department Chair and Yearbook Advisor