Reflections Arts Competition: Advancing to the Next Level

Sixty-six students participated in the Reflections Arts Competition sponsored by LWPTSA. This year’s theme is: Heroes Around Me. Through art, students honored a variety of heroes including teachers, safety patrol, parents, organ donors, friends, animal rescuers, grandparents, activists, athletes, and heroines in a book.


After judges reviewed each entry in its respective category, 17 students advanced to the Council level. Congratulations to the following LWHS students!


  • Visual Arts category: Marlo Enberg, Kaitlyn Gibson, Joshua Johnson, Laura Wen, Adeline Thomas, Taylor Skorupa, Muyan Zhou, and Anna Kruse
  • Visual Arts/Special Artist category: Lana Alharbi
  • Literature category: Samantha McElroy
  • Photography category: Meghan Grant, Cam Gibb, Sasha Conner, Olivia Black and Caleb Rickard


Thank you to LWHS staff members for their encouragement and support of the Reflections program.


Mark Your Calendar for the Reflections Art Show!

The LWPTSA Council Reflections Art Show and Open House will be on Friday, January 11, 2019 from 4:00-8:00 pm at the Lake Washington Resource Center in Redmond. Come celebrate all the students who participated in the Council round of the Reflections Competition! All are welcome!


Pam Hay

LWHS Reflections Chair