With the Washington State legislature in session, now is the time to advocate for your student!


The Senate Ways and Means Committee kicked off last week with a work session on K-12 finance, changes to local levies, and special education funding. To follow what is happening in Olympia, go to the WSPTA Advocacy page. Subscribe to timely action alerts and contact your representative about how you think they should vote. 


Want to make a bigger difference? Show up to Speak Up at Focus Day! Join us in Olympia on February 11th for a full day of advocacy. Come support the new set of WSPTA legislative priorities focusing on health, safety, well-being and education of children. This is a great opportunity to come with your students, tour the capital, and meet your legislators while lending your voice to speak for the 1.1 million students in Washington state. To learn more about the day, check out the blog post "Show Up to Speak Up".